Alina (svetlaya_energy) wrote,

How I tried to use random chats for improving my English communication skills.
A story by an anonymous vk user.

Several people wrote on vk groups devoted to learning English about their excellent experience of improving their communication skills in English by chatting with native speakers on random chat sites. So I decided to try one of those sites. I did not want to create an account, and that site does not require registration.

So, I instructed the chat that I want to use the English language and pressed the "Chat" button, and the site wrote: "You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!" Before I managed to type "Hi!" somebody wrote me "hey!" Then the conversation went as follows:

I: "Hello, I would like to discuss some meaningful topics. If you are interested, I could offer you a few for your choice. Or I can consider topics, which are interesting for you."
Stranger: asl?
I: 45, male, Ukraine. (Of course, I knew that ASL stands for age, sex, location)
Site: Stranger has disconnected.

After several similar attempts I decided to make it shorter, start with my ASL and enter this from the clipboard to speed up my first message. Here's what happened.

Site: You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
I: Hello! My ASL: 45, male, Ukraine. I would like to discuss something meaningful, maybe scientific discoveries or global issues like climate change or food shortage or possibilities of pandemics.
Site: Stranger has disconnected.

I decided to start with a shorter phrase and to hide my location. And got this dialog.

Site: You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
I: Hello! I am 45, male, want to chat.
Site: Stranger has disconnected.

After several attempts I began to think that probably either my age or my sex discourages strangers, so I decided to change both. Yes, I changed my sex, but only virtually. This time I got a much longer conversation, two replies of a stranger instead of one or zero, and one of the replies was much longer than 3 letters:

Site: You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey!?
I: Hello! I am 18, female, want to chat.
Stranger: get on the webcam and show me your tits.

I was puzzled. Obviously, the stranger did not believe me and wanted a proof that I was female. But I did not have the proof in the form of tits, and therefore, had nothing to show. If I got on the webcam, my lie would be immediately discovered and I would be called a liar. So I disconnected.
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